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Posted February 28, 2023

Note: Make sure to read the prior post for context

I know I said that I would update you all tomorrow, but I got much too excited and decided to show my wife my latest experiment today.

So, today shall mark the first edition of…

Image ID: A gif of two cartoon cats dancing together. End ID.

Image ID: A gif of an explosion. End ID.My beautiful amazing wife reviews my experiments!!! Image ID: A gif of an explosion. End ID.

Image ID: A gif of two cartoon cats dancing together. End ID.

In my last post, I figured that my wife had entirely forgotten about the whole “plant chess” idea. I was right: she was very, very confused when she first saw a tiny potted basil plant hooked up to a chess board.

Despite her initial confusion, I am very proud to announce that she liked it! :D She even played a quick game of chess against the potted plant; chess isn’t very hard when your opponent is choosing its moves at complete random, but it was fun.

I also asked if she’d like to write up a little something for you all, which she happily agreed to:

Hi internet people!!! ^o^ I didn’t know we even OWNED a chess board until just now, you learn something new every day :3 ok so this whole situation is preeetty cool if you ask me. Diana's experiments n stuff are always so cool!! (just like her!)

Honestly the only thing that makes me sad is that she injected it with mercury (?) for some reason so now all the basil leaves are inedible??

If I were a plant I probs wouldn’t want to be injected with mercury. I also wouldn’t want to be forced to play chess I think v.v

BUUUT overall I think it’s so neat!! It’s just super funny to look at, there are so many wires attached to this kinda small basil plant it’s wild. TBH it’s a little like an art installation!! I like to think that this plant is sooo going through some type of endless torture inconceivable to the human mind or smth. Like one of those old greek myth guys? Y’know?

Either way, it got me thinking! Isn’t that what all art is supposed to do? I really really like it. :3

My final rating? I love the endless torment of this lil guy.

One basil-ion out of ten.

PS. Diana doesn’t actually know how to play chess idk why she chose that game specifically LOL

- Alice

Why would she say that :(

I know how to play chess. I promise.

I was not banned from chess club in high school, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

...Well, that’s another impulse-driven experiment said and done! :) We might end up moving the whole mess up into our living room; Alice seems very adamant that it’s worthy of being some sort of artsy centerpiece.

Stay curious!

- Dr. Diamond