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Hello there! I’m happy to have you here.

My name is Dr. Diana Diamond, welcome to my webpage.

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I am, for lack of a better term, a mad scientist! I've worked professionally in the industry for quite some time, though recently I have delved into the world of freelance mad science. :D

Quitting my corporate job has given me much more time to divulge in research and experiments that more personally interest me, and what better way to share my creations and experiences than a blog?

Think of this as a casual blog rather than any formal documentation of my studies; everyone needs a break from writing those long, clinical research papers, don't you think? Image ID: A gif of two flasks filled with orange and yellow chemicals. They're both bubbling and foaming. End ID.

I'm very excited to share my experiences in the mad scientist industry with you all. Whether you're a hobbyist, student, or a fellow professional, I hope you enjoy this little site. ◊

About me

You can call me Diana :) (or Dr. Diamond, if you're formal like that.)

I use she/her pronouns, and as I've already stated, I've been working professionally as a mad scientist for the greater part of a decade. I received my doctorate from ████████ █████████ back in ████ and have dedicated my life to the field ever since.

Nowadays, I'm perfectly happy focusing on my own personal studies (accompanied by my lovely wife, Alice!) while picking up a few freelancing jobs now and then. Needless to say, I keep myself busy.

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Also, did you know that one of Jupiter's moons, Io, is the most geologically active object in our solar system? It has over 400 active volcanoes at any given moment!

I just thought that was a fun fact. Stay safe out there!


  • Jun. 22 2023: This site is now home to eight posts!
  • Jun. 3 2023: After 2 months, I'm back with a seventh post! Seven posts, for each color of the rainbow. For pride month. All according to plan.
  • Apr. 2 2023: There are six posts now, which is a very fun number.
  • Mar. 24 2023: What's this? The fifth post!
  • Mar. 9 2023: Reformatted the credits page and added a few more links, hopefully it's easier on the eyes now.
  • Mar. 8 2023: There's a site button on the side of the page now. :D
  • Mar. 7 2023: The fourth post was made :)
  • Mar. 4 2023: Now we have a fun background, wow!
  • Feb. 28 2023: The second post was made! (And the third, wow)
  • Feb. 23 2023: The first post was made!
  • Before Feb. 23: A very slow process of banging code together until a website existed. This is the first website to be constructed out of pure spaghetti! :)

By the way, I highly recommend hovering over images you may see on this site. I'll sometimes add a bit of commentary! Some images even link to different pages entirely :)

This image, in particular, looks very clickable


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