Diamond Experiments

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Wow!! You’ve reached THE TRUE ABOUT PAGE(tm)

Hi!! I’m Sunny (any prns), you’ve stumbled upon my fun lil creative writing project!! :D I’m a cool dude who likes girls, mad science, and especially mad science girls. I’m very lesbian :] I’m also super new to both creative writing and building websites, but I’m having fun and that’s what matters!

Image ID: A gif of Earth, with heart symbols circling it. End ID.

This whole project is primarily for myself, but if you like it too then that’s awesome!!

Any art of Diana on here is made by me, if no other credit is given. ^_^

Image ID: A drawing of Diana. She's happily holding a flask full of a green serum, which is partially spilling out. Text in the top left read 'for science!' End ID.

Also! Here’s your obligatory “this is entirely a work of fiction, I don’t necessarily share any/all viewpoints expressed on this site. Any similarities towards real life people/events/actual science/etc are entirely coincidental unless otherwise stated” disclaimer yayy ♡ Always take any science facts on here with a huuuge grain of salt, I am not a professional by any means.

If you need to contact me for any reason, send an email to diamondexperiments[at]proton.me ! Just make sure to specify that you’re talking specifically to me rather than to Diana ^_^

Thanks for stopping by!!